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^^^^^I promise this was on repeat the ENITRE summer.

-IM BACKKK!!! Took a looooooonnnnnggggg time off, smh. But yo, after a summer full of hard work, hoopin', and a little heartbreak here & there, i'm back to where I started. I guess I should start where I left off....

-Well, first off, after all of the preparation and work I put in, this summer was definitely one I will never forget. I've been on the road everywhere from Florida to Maryland on the East Coast; with scheduled tourney's in West V.A., Kentucky & N.Y. that we didn't get to. I had a chance to compete against and play alongside some of the top players in the country, something I can say I really enjoyed. 3 summer teams, 3 college camps, all to end up transferring to a 3rd high school in the last 3 years. I guess with all I've had to adjust to, I'll learn to appreciate the oppotunities I have been given and take full advantage of them. Overall, I think I made excellent progess...really got my name up, got bigger, and better. I worked on a lot of my flaws, got my strengths stronger, and always kept myself surrounded by the game I love and people who loved me, a rule that I will always make sure I stick by. All the time I spent away from home really game me space to think about how much I should be greatful for the things I have been given so far, and that I should really allow my talent(s) to take me as far as they can. I guess the most important part of the summer were the parts I did get to spend with my mom...After being able to count the number of games she has missed in 17 years on one hand, every moment we had to spend to hangout and support eachother through the tougher times of the summer was something that really kept inspiring me to work hard. She has definitely been the greatest, and as soon as I make it she will have alot more than she deserves.

-On another note, all of the summer traveling wasn't cheap! Uni's, sneakers, gear, transportation and food all together had probably cost about $5,000. With the love I have for fashion, and shopping itself, I really had put it all to the side for the love of the game. But now that the holiday season has come back around, it's about time I can get back to being fresh!

-With all that said...shoutout to everyone who reads and periodically checks this, obviously I do a lot of this just for me, this being my blog & all, but I gotta give some insight to some of you who think you know me when you don't. ;].

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