H I A T U S !

GEEEEEEZ, been busy ! Basketball has OFFICIALLY taken over my life ! Smh in all honesty this is the first time I have even seen the blog in a while. Been missing oout on a lot in the entertainment industry lately; heard about Wayne, the Grammy's, Drake's "Thank Me Later" , and the Spring/Summer 2010 top fashion - - just have had NO time to post.

On another note though, school season ended with a 58-68 loss in 1st round of State playoffs. Although it didn't end like I wanted it, still had the opportunity to hoop against a pretty nice lefty in the last game. But now, AAU season. Haven't chosen a team yet, SMH been missing out on a lot of workouts because of the SAT. (btw, took that yesterday - SMHx3 !) I hope I did well. But as soon as I settle down with one I'll post up some stuff for all you other hoopers out there that want to know what I have going on.!

Overall, for now, I'm just thanking god for all the gifts I've been given, and just preparing myself for the heavy summer ahead of me. Wish I had time to go thru all of the time I've spent running around the last couple months, but I'm out to hoop now ! Peace, & God Bless !


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