In My Mind: Trey Songz ft. Drake-Missing You (Remix)

-Yeah yeah yeah I know, this song is hella old, but you can't deny the truthfulness in the lyrics when you feel that way about someone. Lately it's been the only song on my mind, and I feel like its gonna always be one of my favorites. For some reason lately tho I cant help but to be a little down, & although school 's getting better by the day; basketball season is starting to go downhill a little, & our record is currently 10-4. It seems everything starting to get really hectic right now, but after about 3 wks of "after christmas" shopping I finally ALMOST have it all finished. But even with all the college preparations & shopping that keeps me busy, I still feel like there's something missing. After all, whats success without someone to share it with? You tell me...

-I'll definitely be posting pics of the new gear!

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