-Ugh where to start...First I would like to say it's been a while since I've sat down and took some time to get all of my thoughts out in a while. LOL I was begining to feel a little "full" I must admit. I have been trying to keep up with everything going on in the fashion industry when at the same time I've been wearing nothing but ball shorts and jordans for the last couple weeks. UhhHh anyway the season's going okay I guess, my stats are lookin' nice but we're not winning like we should be. We're 14-5 now (I dropped 17 last nite btw =] ). But lately I've just been on the road constantly, traveling from camp to camp, game to game making sure these recruiters know who I am lol. Overall, I hope this year brings opportunities upon that make me a better, stronger person. I know some obstacles are placed upon us for a reason, & I guess you can say my New Year's resolution was to not let my past affect my future, and to not bring any old situations or conflicts into the new year. But when I first heard this song back in Nov. 09 I couldnt deny the truthfulness of its lyrics and how much the song really makes sense, so I haaaaad to bring this in the new year wit me dawg! Songs like this featuring an artist like Drake me make appeciate his craft as an artist so much more because of his lyrical versatility. He can go from rapping on a hype track with Wayne to adjusting to a track whose lyrics need much more of his talent hat you can't always see in him in all of his work. Good Job Drizzy !

-On the other hand I hope everythings going well with everyone, hope you all are starting your new off better than your last, and take each day one step at a time. PEEEEACEEEEE

Click HERE to Listen to to Dirty Money ft. Drake - "HURT"

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